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Plug In Low Pass Filters

The miniHFPA2 has up to six plugin dual band low pass filter modules to cover all the HF bands. The 60-40 and 30-20 LPF modules are included with your order.

The miniHFPA2 Project

 This project parts and your efforts will eventually provide you with a compact 1,2.5 or 5 watt input to 30-35 watt output linear amplifier for use with QRP SSB/CW transmitters on the amateur bands 160 through 10 meters and which can be frugally powered from a 12 volt battery. The design is a good balance between output power, physical size and battery power consumption. The completed amplifier will reward the builder with a clean, more powerful output signal for a QRP rig when radio conditions become marginal.  Click here for brochure.

Our Special Offer

I will supply the miniHFPA2 as a kit or  fully assembled and tested for the kit price. This is a limited time offer.  I recognize that many of us have difficulty building kits. I offer to you this extra mile  service in hopes of getting this new project faster into the Radio Amateur community. Your support is greatly appreciated. 

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Free access to our Project DropBpx with your purchase.

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